Sustainability, the Circular Economy and Yoga

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We are the two co-founders of our sustainable enterprise hejhej-mats and we created closed-loop yoga mats. We got inspired in a Swedish art exhibition where a Turkish artist accused yoga practitioners to act hypocritically since most of them think to live a sustainable life but do not think about their plastic yoga mat. Both of us felt caught since we neither have thought about our yoga mat. From this day on we are developing our closed-loop yoga mats which are produced out of recycled yoga mats and are recyclable at the end of its lifespan. We want to raise more awareness for the topic of waste and plastic production. Today there is about 8.3 billion tons of plastic on our earth, most of it can be found as trash in our nature. Valuable ecosystems, animals as well as people are suffering from this waste pollution. Sustainability and the circular economy are the solution for these problems and have to be promoted. By telling the story of hejhej-mats we can give visitors to the Copenhagen Yoga Festival an exciting real-life story. They can connect with this story and meanwhile learn about the tremendous waste problems as well as the fascinating model of the circular economy. Yoga practitioners are often already living a sustainable lifestyle but mostly forget about issues in their daily life such as their yoga mat. We hope to inspire more people to the topic sustainability and show everyone that yoga and sustainability can harmonise perfectly.

Om Sophie og Anna:

We are Anna Souvignier (25) and Sophie Zepnik (24), two young and female entrepreneurs. Both of us did our Bachelor’s degree in Germany, this was also the time when we started doing yoga. We got to know each other during our semester abroad in Spain and directly felt connected through the topics of yoga and sustainability. Realising our similarities we decided to jointly go to Scandinavia for our Master’s Programme. Scandinavia plays a leading role in the innovative topic of sustainability and offers a great variety of yoga practices. While doing our Master’s degree in the field of leadership for sustainability at the Malmö Högskola, we fell in love with the Oresund region. We attended various events and talks in Copenhagen and Malmö about the topic of sustainability and could also extremely improve our yoga practice. During winter time, we attended yoga classes every day and are now especially interested in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. During our Master’s Programme, we also started our own sustainable enterprise. We got great help from entrepreneurial initiatives of the Oresund region. When finishing our Master’s degree in summer 2017, we even got the Leapfrogs Scholarship from Lund University. Right now, we are back in Germany and are working full-time on our start-up. We started a crowdfunding campaign in October and our closed-loop yoga mats got 114% funded. Within the next couple of months, we will start our production. Our goal is to promote the topic of sustainability in our society. We are doing this by our own corporate blog as well as our social media activities. Additionally, we are giving talks and inspire people with our own story.

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