Fairy Tale Flow

Radiant Room

Fredag kl. 18:30 - 19:30

Hatha Yoga

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Pernille Aven created Fairy Tale Flow out of love for Myths, Folklore and Storytelling from various countries and traditions. Finding that good stories come alive within us, when we listen deeply. Just like the practice yoga, you are taken through an internal journey of awakening your body, mind and spirit. And as the story unfolds, you will go places you didn’t know existed; from dark scary forests, through open sunny fields, you will be tested, find hidden treasures and you will be called forward. At one point you might hear a fairy whisper “Are you ready to claim the crown of your castle?” and you will know, that now is the time to rise up, as a hero/heroine of the Fairy Tale of your life.

The Fairy Tale Flow class will be themed around one story, which will unfold as we gently flow from one asana to the next, cultivating the deep intuitive listening of our own souls journey.

The class is open to all levels.


Om Pernille:

Pernille Aven Lupai is a teacher and owner of Pakhus Yoga in Copenhagen, a priestess, magic facilitator and co-creator of True North Sisters. Her teachings aim to inspire, empower and connect you deeper to your Self, through playful exploration, intuitive listening and bodily wisdom. She is on a mission to accelerate your personal growth and awaken your desire for living a wild, authentic life.

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