Bhakti Yoga

Radiant Room

Fredag kl. 15:45 - 16:45

Ashtanga Yoga

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A strong and dynamic Ashtanga base practice with a focus on syncing breath and movement through devotion (Bhakti).

The practice will be supported by fun music to help you focus the mind.


Om Nadine:

I took up Yoga initially for its physical benefits when training for the London marathon in 2012 and found that it provided more than that … I got hooked and ended up taking a teacher training course a few years later (on my teacher's, Stewart Gilchrist, suggestion). I travelled to India in 2016 to learn more about its philosophy – which I find fascinating- .

For me, Yoga is more than postures and it is about using the breath to connect the mind to the body. I have gained so much both holistically and emotionally from Yoga that my vision is to share and make it more accessible to others through my teaching. I teach Bhakti Yoga, which can be a hard or slower flow depending on the ‘season of the soul’, with a devotional emphasis to it.

It is all about moving in a meditative way in my classes.