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Lørdag kl. 17:30 - 19:00

Strala Yoga

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Strala is a free flowing, easy going yoga style, where the focus lies on natural movement, flowing, like waves, to the rhythm of your breath. In strala we focus on moving intuitively, letting our own body-breath connection guide us in our movements. The idea is to move and breathe with ease, making hard things easier, approaching movement in a easy going, playful, explorative way.

In this workshop we are going to work with the basics of Strala: breath-body connection, ease and a whole bunch of good vibes.


About Miriam:

Miriam Swartz originally debuted as an aerial acrobat from the New York Academy of Circus Arts 2008 and has since then worked with movement in all forms. Yoga teacher training from Hamsa Yoga studio and strala guide 2015. In everyday life Miriam works as the artistic director of the Contemporary Circus Line at Musik & Teaterhojskolen. 3 decades old, she’s highflying, easy going amazon