Fire & Nectar: Embrace the Sacred Masculine and Feminine Within

- Sammen med Chantal Russell

Grand Gathering

Fredag kl. 15:00 - 17:00

Vinyasa Masterclass

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Awaken to the power of the sun and the moon within your very own self, and learn to deepen, elevate and adapt your practice to the ever changing seasons of life. In all humans, regardless of gender, there are both feminine and masculine energies. The union of yoga is the integration, or the divine marriage of the inner feminine and masculine within each of us.

Join us in the exploration of balancing fire and nectar, solar and lunar qualities to create vibrant health, ignite inspired action, and embody who you’re here to be.


Emergence Flow

Radiant Room

Lørdag kl. 8:45 - 10:00


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Deep breaths. Fun flows. A wicked playlist.

This workshop will take you out of your ordinary yoga practice and allow you to emerge - to come into your true power with your body, your breath, and your mind.

Inversions, arm balances, laughter, core, and so much more. With tons of options, this workshop is open to all who want to join in on the fun.

You’ll leave lighter – having shed away any layers holding you back – and relishing in the feeling of what it’s like to laugh on a yoga mat.


Om Matt:

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Matt Corker is the co-founder of The Corker Co and the creator of The Manager Start Line, an online training program designed to take leaders’ people management skills to the next level. He uses his extensive knowledge of people development theory, in combination with his humour and yoga training, to create custom leadership and culture development programs for business leaders and the modern yogi.

Matt continues to study and practice many styles of yoga that build physical and mental tenacity and that focus on healthy alignment. He draws inspiration from Anusara, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Katonah, and Tripsicore Yoga to deepen his own personal practice.

His vinyasa-based style uses music, challenging asana (postures), spiritual insight, pranayama (breath exercises), meditation, humour, and yogic themes relevant for the modern yogi to enrich the student’s experience and cultivate awareness.

Matt holds a BCOM in Human Resources, a MBA from the Copenhagen Business School, and is an experienced international yoga teacher – helping lead yoga teacher trainings in Bali with The Sacred Fig. When not training or traveling, he loves to share an extra scoop of ice cream with the love of his life.

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