Heart over Head | Power of the Heart

Radiant Room

Fredag kl. 13:15 - 14:15


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This workshop from the heart will get you out of the head and into the body. The practice reintroduces you to your inner child and helps you to listen to the voice of your heart. Your intuition.

A dynamic Vinyasa flow integrating alignment with core work, breathing techniques and a creative sequence. A sharing circle, loving intentions, meditation, music and dance. This workshop has it all! We need that playfulness. We need that love that lies within ourselves. We need the courage to trust our intuition so that we’ll be able to follow our hearts (again). This workshop dares you to live out loud, to truly live your authentic life. To be who you are and to love yourself fully.

“Magic happens when you do not give up, even though you want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart. What you allow is what will continue.”

This workshop is perfect for anyone who would like to awaken new enthusiasm in his or her life! This practice is for beginners as well as for seasoned practitioners.

I believe that if you follow your heart you might inspire others to do the same.


Om Lotte:

My name is Lotte and I happily introduce myself to you as The Yoga Nomad: the traveling Dutch Canadian life enthusiast and yoga teacher. On the way to becoming the best version of myself I'd like to inspire others to start the same journey. I look at the world with my heart first and then with my eyes. By doing that my life became more meaningful. Life has taught me that difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. My dharma is to let others experience the power of their own heart so that they can create a life that feeds their soul so that tey can share their bliss with others.

When I started yoga three years ago it instantly brought so much lightness to my life. I went cold turkey to India to do a TTC and after completing the course I found the joy of incorporating yoga into my daily life. I travelled the world and then went back to my homeland to start a living and to learn how to teach yoga in my own language. Life happened, and all sorts of opportunities came along. I started teaching regular power and vinyasa classes at several studios and the European Nike headquarters. Soon after, I started creating workshops and I was teaching on events and teacher trainings. Due initiating a national chair yoga project for eldery people around Christmas the media found me and I did interviews and photoshoots. Sometimes it feels like I am still dreaming! I feel forever grateful to have been able to turn my passions – people, traveling & yoga - into my job. It allows me to connect authentically with so many all around the globe.

I lead my classes in a way that reflects my (inner)journey. Influenced by my teachers, travels, and loved ones I aim to bring enthusiasm and uplifting energy into each of my classes. I want my students to have a full yoga- experience and I bring all essential parts to the practice: meditation, breathing, asanas and relaxation. My classes are physically and mentally challenging but I always bring loving kindness and playfulness to it.

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