Flow with the Fabels in Motion

Radiant Room

Søndag kl. 14:15 - 15:15


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Discover or rediscover the beautiful and insightful fables, myths and legends that populate the world of yoga. Some yoga poses are rooted in traditional myths or in nature. Others acts as methods to embody divine beings, animals and ancient warriors. All of them give us different ways as to how to balance both body, heart and mind.

Come experience a poetic and very ‘hands on’ interpretation of the classic fables, and discover which effect the poetry has on you, as you do the classical poses (asanas). Perhaps you’ll discover new aspects of a pose that you thought you knew all too well?

This workshop is for anyone interested in yoga, in its traditions and in the fables that this ancient form of movement is based upon. Mind you, this is not a lecture. So keep your yoga outfit on, while delving into a poetic but physical workshop.

Om Kirstine:

Yoga came into my life in my adolescent years through dance. Yoga was simply routine part of my dance practice. A part that I began to like more and more. I loved the challenge of the weird poses and their mysterious names – even though I have to admit that I was very self-conscious of doing them in the beginning.

Yoga has become an integrated part of my life since then. Now, I can’t live without it. Both the physical and mental aspects of the yoga practice have had an enormous impact in my life; on and off the mat.

I’ve been teaching dance, gymnastics and yoga for more than 15 years.

And in my yoga teaching I emphasize mental awareness in every pose. In my classes it is about exploring every aspect of movement of your muscles and chords, while maintaining mental focus and awareness. It is about using grounding and alignment in finding the connection between body, breath and mind.

What startede as a fascination of the body has now become my meal ticket.

I teach weekly classes at Hamsa Yoga Studio, Salig, YUM Yoga & Café and KMD. Among other projects related to the world of yoga I am educating myself in body therapy and giving 1:1 body treatments.

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