Wild woman: Radiant remembrance

Radiant Room

Lørdag kl. 18:45 - 19:45


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Collectively we are called to engage with our feminine intuition, our connection to Mother Earth, Gaia and the remembrance of our core truth as loving and compassionate beings - regardless of gender. In a world of great misunderstanding, judgment and deep wounds between the masculine and the feminine, great healing starts with reconnecting with our own inner wild woman. S(he) who celebrates, energizes, fire our passion, illuminates, transforms, calls us to rise up to life and ignites our playfulness. Join me for reactivation of body, mind, and spirit through dynamic flow, dance, song and play. We will go through the depths of our intuitive bodies through meditative movement and contemplation on our own inner dharma dance. We will partner up to really see each other, to witness the universal remembrance of compassion and healing. We will reconnect to our primal nature and celebrate life through song and dance. Expect free flow, sweaty honest liberation and radiant remembrance of your intuitive powers.


Om Julie:

I am a creator, a seeker, a priestess, a mother, a lover and a WILD WOMAN. My teachings are characterized by capturing and play with themes from the poetry of the yoga and mystical realms. I feel a longing to create spiritual joy on the yoga mat that will stick to you like glue and brought out into the world long after the session has ended.

I have a deep love for the dynamic, meditative flow where we can express ourselves creatively and have fun. When we find ourselves in slowing down in to restorative yoga and meditation I teach devotedly, with deep reflection in my own practice, with a sense of contemplation and trust, that balances the rush of our busy lives.

Yoga in its spiritual sense has always been part of my life and we meditated and chanted in my family, since I was little. My physical practice began later on my travels to the US and Asia. Yoga quickly became a part of me. Both to build strength and flexibility, but also to find myself and create more space for balance and love.

In 2014 I became a certified yoga teacher in Sri Lanka and has since done courses at Hamsa, in India and with international teachers around the world. Currently I am studying with Sianna Sherman in Italy on Rasa Yoga 300 hours Teacher Training.

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