Fire Water Flow

Radiant Room

Søndag kl. 10:00 - 11:00


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Explore the elements of fire and water in this strong, fluid Vinyasa flow with Faye.

Beginning the workshop with the element of Fire, we will start with a sprinkling of pranayama to cultivate some inner heat and to ignite the Agni (inner fire) within ourselves. Focusing on a creative & invigorating series of standing flows, deep twists, inversion play and arm balances to wake up our Manipura Chakra, the centre of vitality. Activating this chakra attracts Prana (energy) from the Cosmos, so join in and expand as we move to tropical music and take on new challenges.

Finishing the workshop with the element of Water, we will slow down and move with more grace. Waking the Svadhistana Chakra, the source of one’s creativity and fluidity, we will find more space in the hips and challenge the balancing senses with Qi-Gong inspired flows.


Om Faye:

Faye, who teaches under the name Wildest Yoga, has roots running back to Manchester and Singapore and has now settled in Copenhagen where she is sharing her wild love of the yogic path.

​Expect laughs & bliss in her light-hearted yoga classes, where she will help you to find the internal and external balance of sweetness and intensity, to let go and create more space in the body and mind.

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