Get grounded move better

Grand Gathering

Saturday 8:30 am - 10:00 am

Yin Yoga

Taught in English

Suitable for all levels

To make the most out of your Yin Yoga practice you must understand the key principles of Yin and Yang = Tao meaning The Way. The incomplete picture as a wholesome path.

Working on your Yin instruments using the natural ground reaction force is a very important key priciple in the understanding of Yin. It's all about support from below - to lift you. To lift you higher.

Your feet need to stand strong on the ground to penetrate the yang energy through your legs and make your upper part light. This is your strong rebound you must feel when you wake up.

Like the plant rising from the sewer. No hanging but full of support from below to lift up into the light.

This my friend is how we transfer the understanding of the natural lifeforce of yin and yang into our Yin Yoga practice.


Rise & Shine

Contemplation Corner

Søndag kl. 8:45 - 10:00

Yin Yoga

Undervises på engelsk

Egnet for alle niveauer


With two week notice Kristine agreed to take on this challenge and give you another chance to experience The power of Yin Yoga at this years Copenhagen Yoga Festival 2018.

It's Sunday morning and there's a party on Saturday night in town so let's use the power of Yin to Rise and shine and enjoy the final day at Copenhagen Yoga Festival.

Focus will be on getting the power back to feet and legs there might have been on a dance floor all night like the teachers legs - even high heals might be the thing.

Come join for a Sunday cure.


About Kristine:

In Denmark they call her the Queen of Yin Yoga. And for a good reason! Kristine Marie Rost has done more than 1300 hours of Yin Yoga and Yin therapy training. She has been working with therapists and doctors educated in Western and Chinese medicine. And she has taught over 5000 Yin Yoga classes and is now training teachers herself as well as assisting her Asian mentor, Victor Chng, at his Yin Yoga teacher trainings in Singapore and Denmark. Kristine is Ms. Yin, and she is here to help the rest of us get our dose of Yin to our Yang, too.

Kristine has experienced firsthand knowledge of how Yin Yoga helps you handle the ups and downs that life has to offer you. How it enables you to just be yourself and live life without the burdens of old feelings and sentiments. And how it strengthens your ability to find the beauty of life, even on rainy days. This is the main reason for her Yin passion, and the reason why she is so eager to spread the word and feeling of Yin Yoga.

Kristine is known for her caring and radiant personality, her laughter, profound knowledge and her ability to gently challenge you to try the important little bits that make all the difference. Yin Yoga with Kristine is not a restorative class. It is a quiet practice that will ground and relax you, yet it is powerful and demanding at the same time. During it all, you will feel safe under her competent guidance. And whether you are new to Yin or an experienced yogi, you will feel the effect of body and mind after a Yin session with Kristine.

Read more about Kristine on her website and facebook.