Intro to Prānāyāma, experience and concept facilitation

Contemplation Corner

Saturday 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Taught in English

Suitable for all levels

Live an experience with the different techniques of Prānāyāma (breath regulation) and discover the basic theory concepts of the Prānāyāma practice.

Every individual, with interest on Prānāyāma (breath regulation), can participate.

Previous knowledge or experience with Prānāyāma or Yoga is NOT required to participate.

"As long breath remains in the body, it is said that there is life. Death happens when breath leaves the body. Therefore control the breath to ensure long and healthy life." - Hatayoga Pradipika II-3

Would you like to ensure long and healthy life?

This workshop is base on the following Prānāyāma techniques:

  1. śitalī
  2. ujjayī
  3. anuloma ujjayī
  4. viloma ujjayī
  5. nadhi śodhana

About Federico:

Today I practice, study, and facilitate workshops, group and personalized practices in Copenhagen; following the Tradition of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya.

Born and raised in Martinez, Argentina; I also lived in Costa Rica and Philadelphia. As well as being a Sincere Yoga Practitioner and Certified Instructor, I work as a freelance Life Centered Innovation and Business Design Consultant with a Collaborative and Facilitating approach. Curious Barista, in my spare time I am a serious photographer, love to discover the world we live in, volunteer some hours, and practice sport related activities.

Some experiences and achievements as Yoga Instructor:

- Having a wonderful Satsanga (group of study) to be able to consult any time there is need to.

- Designing and facilitated personalized practices as well as workshops both in Spanish and English in Argentina and Denmark, for people from all around the world.

- 2017 workshop about Prānāyāma at Copenhagen Yoga Festival.

- In 2015, until moving to Denmark, I collaborated teaching at Yogabaires Teacher Training Program within the same tradition in Argentina.

Read more about Federico on his website and facebook.