Ombience - live electronic music and yoga flow

Pulsation Point

Friday 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Vinyasa + Music

Taught in English

Suitable for all levels


By surrendering the mind and movements of the body to music, this experience based yoga flow focuses on working with the meditative state. It is a sensory experience where you will have time and space to feel how music can impact your mind and body, something which can intensify the moods that arises within and around you. We will end up making a sound meditation together experiencing the unique feeling of creating music together, and lastly a long shavasana were Ras and Cipa will improvise and make music together.


About Cipa:

Singer, performer and yoga teacher. Certified in Anne Rosing method in rehabilitation of the voice and educated in the practice of yoga from both Denmark and India. She loves to combine and experiment with joining yoga, singing and music and experiment with how working with body, mind, breath and the voice can give you a transformative experience.

About Rasmus:

Stud.MSc. in the cognitive neuroscience of music, BSc. in biomedicine, Ableton Certified Trainer, founder of electronic music school Rumkraft and bass player / dub mixer at Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra. When experiencing a performance with Ras, you will find it deeply rooted in the setting, you, the crowd, and the atmosphere, with both pulsating beats and slow and moving soundscapes.

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