Pulsation Point

Fredag kl. 16:30 - 17:15



Ombience is a project which explores the body and sound, normally unfolding in a yoga flow session with a live electronic music sound track. As a special treat this year at Copenhagen Yoga Festival, the Ombience duo - consisting of electronic musician Ras Kjærbo and singer Cipa Pape - will play their debut concert, following  their recently released debut EP where they interpret traditional Indian mantras in a new way combining electronic music and classical instruments such as cello and marimba.

Together, they create transforming soundscapes which brings you into a relaxed and meditative state - both in body and mind. With Ras' pulsating beats and slow moving soundscapes combined with the beautiful and versatile voice of Cipa, you are invited along to a journey from soft textures to more intense sonic universes. Be prepared to take a trip through space and time! Come by, put your mat down, chill-out with a blanket, and relax for a while ❤

About Cipa:

Singer, performer and yoga teacher. Certified in Anne Rosing method in rehabilitation of the voice and educated in the practice of yoga from both Denmark and India. She loves to combine and experiment with joining yoga, singing and music and experiment with how working with body, mind, breath and the voice can give you a transformative experience.

About Ras:

Stud.MSc. in the cognitive neuroscience of music, BSc. in biomedicine, Ableton Certified Trainer, founder of electronic music school Rumkraft and bass player / dub mixer at Kopenhagen Laptop Orchestra. When experiencing a performance with Ras, you will find it deeply rooted in the setting, you, the crowd, and the atmosphere, with both pulsating beats and slow and moving soundscapes.

Lyt til Cipa og Ras på Spotify og Bandcamp.