Book Reading

Sharing Space

Søndag kl. 10:30 - 11:30

Undervises på dansk og engelsk

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Chantal Russell will read from her book "Wildfire Within", Anne Goncalves vil læse fra sin bog "Yoga mod stress", Andrea will read from her book "Close to OM" and Tanya Markul will read from her book "SHE"


Step Into Your Mountain

Radiant Room

Lørdag kl. 20:00 - 21:00

Vinyasa Yoga

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This simple-doesn’t-mean-easy practice is about establishing our foundation and finding our core in ways that run deeper than just muscles. We will make our way To The Core of our true essence.

The postures we do in this mixed-level flow class will touch upon some standard "core work" but also core poses like tadasana, Mountain Pose - the bedrock of all postures. From a strong foundation we can stretch out, stand tall and even find our way when things are upside down.

A mountain sits, steady, grounded and calm, no matter what swirls around it, and so can we if we learn to “step into our mountain.” This workshop will guide you to your inner mountain and towards a feeling of deep roots so that you can widen your branches – both on your mat and off.


From Your Head to Your Heart

Grand Gathering

Søndag kl. 13:30 - 15:00

Vinyasa Yoga

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On my path I’ve found that personal transformation means trading intellect for intuition sometimes-- shifting from my head to my heart. To truly invite positive change into our hearts and not just into our minds we have to be willing to move away from over-thinking and towards that which is imaginative and visceral -- away from feeling stuck at logic and towards the boundless and seemingly irrational concepts of faith and love.

In this class, physically we will bend in ways that take us through heart-opening backbends appropriate for mixed-levels of experience, but we also discover a more universal understanding of flexibility and alignment on our way. This practice is like an intuitive blind date with ourselves—one that connects us to the originality, resourcefulness and vision of our heart.

Om Andrea:

Andrea Marcum has a certain lightness about her. It’s as if years of working hard as a yoga instructor, running her own studio in Los Angeles, constantly teaching and traveling haven’t caused her to lose her “Om”. Well, her recipe for living your yoga, bringing it off the mat & into the rest of your life, is now in book form and titled, Close to Om. You won’t want to miss a practical guide through your yoga journey written by such a genuine, walk-the-talk kind of yogi.
Known for weaving accessible philosophy into the poses, Andrea loves leading the most unassuming newbies to yoga and mindfulness and works with everyone from athletes to executives. Andrea believes our yoga mats are magic carpets to look into our lives and to see the world.

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