Self Love Healing

Contemplation Corner

Fredag kl. 14:00 - 15:15

Kundalini Yoga

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No matter what your age, your inner child is always within you. Sometimes you forget this and are disconnected. Your inner child is your true self.

If you wish to feel loved by others, to be in love with someone and to live your life in love, then you need to start by connecting with your inner child, accepting and loving yourself now.

This workshop offers a series of exercises to help you connect with your inner child and heal yourself.


Om Agnieszka:

I am a kundalini yoga teacher. Based in Copenhagen, I lead regular classes here and offer workshops and retreats throughout Europe. My special areas of interest are working with the chakras and healing the inner child through self-love and self-care.

As a yoga teacher, I guide students to tune in to their heart center, the home of the self. Bonding with the inner child gives you a sense of security, self-confidence, self-love and brings forth creativity.

Yoga is essential for my well-being and living the life I love.

I love following the yogic path of life.

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